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Youth Ministry Resource Hub


What is the Youth Ministry Resources Hub?

The Youth Ministry Resources Hub is a monitored platform where members can share and access youth ministry resources with others in youth ministry across the Armidale Anglican diocese. Resources include Bible studies, ministry support documents, sample permission forms, etc.

The Hub is only accessible for approved members of the Armidale Anglican Diocese and all materials are monitored and reviewed by the Armidale Diocese Youth Ministry Committee.

How do I use this resource?

This resource is a place to access and share youth ministry resources. All resources are developed or obtained by other approved members of the Hub. That means that the resources available on the Hub are only as good as what members contribute. So please support this initiative by taking the time to upload some of your own materials you are happy to share.

To access material on the Hub, you will need to begin by creating an account. This will then be approved by the Armidale Diocese Youth Ministry Committee before you are able to login.

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